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GrillCafé Skagen - Näsby Guest Harbour

Welcome to Houtskari and Nasby Guest Harbour

Nasby Guest Harbour is a small idyllic island port in the heart of the archipelago.

In a quiet environment You will find a friendly service in the middle of the old village.

Nasby Guest Harbour and GrillCafe Skagen provides new fresh spaces and about 50 berths, the bridge has been extended to the peak season of 2012.
After a day on the lake, you can enjoy some good food and fresh drinks at the Grill Café Skagen terrace.

Näsbyvägen 190
21760 Houtskär
+358 (0) 40 7386 465
+358 (0) 2 4633 407

Therese Skaag
60° 13,5 N 21° 22 E