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The Archipelago Trail

The Turku Archipelago is a unique patchwork of thousands of islands. The Archipelago Trail (also called The Archipelago Ring Road) allows travelers to access the archipelago without a boat of their own – and without backtracking. The circular route of the Archipelago Trail, even though only about 200 kilometers in length, offers a surprising number of varied experiences. During your trip from one island to another, you will experience various ferries and vessels – most of which are free of charge.

The circular route can be taken clockwise or counter clockwise, starting in the historical city of Turku, and continuing through rural archipelago villages and astonishing Baltic Sea sceneries. The Archipelago Trail includes eight short trips by different vessels, stretching from a few minutes to almost an hour. In 2013, the Archipelago Trail can be taken from June 1st until the end of August. The Trail can be explored also during the winter, although a roundtrip without backtracking is only possible during the summer months.

If you only have a little time to experience the islands, you can choose the so-called Little Archipelago Trail – a 100-km-route that can be taken in just one day if traveling by car.

This web site is a planning tool for travelers interested in the Archipelago Trail. Most of the information on this page is in Finnish. The link 'Aikataululinkit' leads you to the pages and, which inform you about the ferry schedules.

In the section Kuvagalleria you find a gallery of images from along the route. You can see a larger picture by double-clicking the image.

The more detailed travel guide, 'Omatoimimatkailijan opas Saariston Rengastielle', is only available in Finnish. More information about this guide book can be found in the section 'Opaskirja'.

The book 'Rengastietä Turun saaristoon – The Archipelago Trail – Experience the Islands of Turku' (ISBN 978-952-92-8616-4) helps you to find the most scenic areas and the most interesting sights on and around the Archipelago Trail. The hardcover book (21 x 28,5 cm) has 48 pages with full-color pictures. The book is available at selected book stores, the tourist information office of Turku (Aurakatu 4) and on the ferry Östern that serves the route between Nauvo/Nagu and Rymättylä.